Fionze - A Magical Creature

What´s happening on the mysterious island of Caparoo? What secret does the extraordinary egg contain? What is the destiny of the "Magical Creature"?

Illustrated with beautiful drawings  the story tells about the adventurous journey of the "Magical Creature", and friends.

A story that begins in the north of Scotland. A story about magic and reality; for young and old.

A short excerpt from the book

Chapter 1

A long, long time ago.

Our story begins on a small island, far up to the north. The remains of an old castle stood on a steep rocky slope, the ruins consisting of remnants of an old stone wall and several piles of stone. Through these weathered walls could be seen the ocean.

A light mist flowed through the ruins and right in the middle, on the floor between the stones and heather, lay something very strange.

What was it?

It was very unusual, being yellowish brown and speckled!

It was an egg, a large egg. A very large unusual EGG!!!.

Where had it suddenly come from? Had somebody put it there? What was it doing in this lonely spot?

An egg like this had not been seen for years! It lay on its own and begged the question,’ what could possibly be in it?’