Fionze - The First Journey

"Fionze" the magical creature captivates everyone with her charm, on her journey through Scotland and England, in search of other mysterious places.

Will she fulfill the mystical and mysterious challenges?

Can she convince the animals that she encounters on her journey, to help her in the search for the stones for the medallion?

Come with Fionze on an exciting quest to find the answers!

A short excerpt from the book

Chapter 1

The three friends: the small magical creature ‘Fionze’, a little horse with light blue wings and dark blue boots; her friend “Paff” the Puffin and the Bat “Moira”, stood in the soft light that came from a small opening on the seaward side of the gloomy cave under the ruins of Caparoo.

They were still mesmerized by the sight of the boulder which they had found after a long search.

Fionze thought about her other friends. The astute Seal, the timorous Hare and Badger. They would probably be sitting on the beach waiting for them.

"Well friends", Fionze declared, "let’s take the medallion and return to the ruins."

"Ok! I'll pick it up and put it in your boot Fionze", replied Paff.